Cable/output recommendation for play through Sonos Arc system?

I don’t yet have a BeatBuddy, but hope to soon (waiting on confirmation of Autopilot) and to use it for practice I am thinking of playing it through my Sonos sound system which has an Arc Soundbar, a pair of SL1 speakers, and the big Sonos subwoofer. I don’t see any benefit to putting it in my bass guitar’s signal chain on my pedal board.

Does anyone have use it with a similar setup as this? If so, what output and cable do you recommend to hook it into my tv sound system? I want to have it ready so when I do have the device, I’m ready to use it.

Does your TV/Receiver/Whatever is connected to your ARC currently have an RCA input? You could go from headphone out->RCA in with a 3.5mm->RCA converter. This is probably your best bet (or similar 3.5mm->Appropriate-input-for-your device).

Otherwise they do sell 3.5mm-> HDMI adapters as well, as I think the HDMI input is the only input option into the ARC.

Is the 3.5mm output stereo or mono?

Stereo on the BB

Thank you everyone. I do have an available HDMI port on my LG tv, which is hooked up to the Sonos sytem in the room I use as my practice room. So, I’ve ordered a 3.5mm stereo cable and HDMI adapter for it. My BB arrives on Saturday.

Still trusting that AutoPilot will some day be real. In the meanwhile, I’ll be figuring out how to make those OPB songs.