Cable to connect BB to PA

A good solution with this cable.
Good signal, Stereo and Balanced to connect to the mixer.
XLR and Square plugs
SP 500 angled

Juanjo, do you have link to where this cable was purchased? I’m not understanding how it can be stereo or balanced. The XLR would plug into a single channel on a mixer which would be mono. To be stereo two channels of the mixer would need to be used.
If each of the 1/4"(6.35mm) TS plugs are connected to pins 2 and 3 in the XLR this is not a balanced connection and could cause some stereo signal from the BB to be not heard because of the way the signal is summed at the balanced input of the mixer.
I may be incorrect, but I think the cable you show would be wired like the diagram below and may not work correctly to to do what you are doing. Perhaps the manufacturer of the cabled wired it differently(?)

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Not sure how you are getting this cable to work and sound right. You need to use two channels on the mixer to be able to have stereo with one channel panned to the left and the other to the right or
some mixers will have ‘stereo’ channel strips that have left and right 6.35mm inputs and common controls. These might be marked like 5/6, 7/8, 9/10. The BeatBuddy outputs are not balanced and trying to use a balanced connection will not make them balanced.
There are special 6.35mm to XLR cables that are wired in a way to be able to use an unbalanced source such as the BB, but your cable is not wired that way. The best way to connect your BB in stereo to your mixer is with two 6.35mm TS (tip/sleeve) type cables.

The explanation of why your cable may not work correctly is not easy and has to do with the phase relationship of the signal and how a balanced input treats it.


You are very right, I was confused with the stereo when I said this.
This cable works well with the BB and has a lot of input power, it is practical because there is only one cable to connect.
But the result is Mono…

I found in some kits and with some samples the wave files were recorded on either left or right only. So unless both outputs were connected, there was a chance an instrument wouldn’t be heard. I know there is an output “L (mono)” but both my units (I have a backup) don’t work in mono when only plugged into that o/p. The solution? I opened the units and wired a bridge between the 2 o/p jacks so I can use a single 6.5 mm lead in either o/p. Has worked well since the modification.

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I’m curious why you didn’t just set the drum output to mono so the stereo signal is combined inside the unit?

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Also, I’ve found that for a mono feed to PA, a DIrect Box with ground lift did wonders to eliminate noise.

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I find it easier to use a stereo cable 1/8 out of the headphone jack to two 1/4 jacks plugged into left and right inputs on my mixer. Now that sounds like stereo effect. Just sayin

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I can’t find this option in settings.

This might be due to your firmware version, if you are still on the 3.8 you don’t have this option, it was a new setting on the 3.9.9.

That explains it. Any problems with this update, safe to do it?