Cabli - first impressions

I didn’t think I would like this thing at all. It just seemed like more clutter. Kinda like buying storage bins to store you stuff, cuz you have too much stuff. But, you know what, I’ll admit I was wrong. I got sent 2 of these from Singular as part of the “we’re sorry for the delay” package provided to early buyers of the Midi Maestro. Verdict - they work great! If you have expensive cables that you want to treat right, these are a good thing. I put two of my Roland guitar synth cables on them.

Now, would I buy this for a regular guitar cable, well, given the price, probably not. But it does hold 30’ of cable, so if you have a couple unwieldy XLR, Speakon, or just longer speaker cables, these are a great idea.

Here’s the absolutely best part - There is no software update to worry about! The Cabli is a 100% fully functioning unit today!

I guess its a question of how they are received, but 50’ or 100’ versions might be a great future thing to consider.


Does that mean your MIDI Maestro has arrived? And you got two for a single Maestro?

Yes, and yes.

Safe to assume there’s another review on the way?

I got 4 of them couple months ago. Was going to use them for my DMX light cables. Unfortunately the cables were too long. So I just wound up using them to wrap my guitar cables up. I agree. One that allows at least a 3o’ cable would be nice.

Once I get around to hooking it up. Yup. It’s quite a bit bigger than the Morningstar.

I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the cablis as much as I do. I got a couple and thought it was fine. However, the more gigs I’ve had, the more I’ve come to appreciate them and truly enjoy the functionality. It really does save a good chunk of time, particularly during the clean up.

My music partner was also skeptical at first and teased me a bit. However, he has been admiring them as well so I picked up a few for a holiday gift for him.

I do wish they had a bigger size for longer cables but am still really happy with the purchase.

Can’t wait to hear @Phil_Flood 's thoughts on the MM.

Just wrapped up 5 instrument and mic cables. These things are good. Wish I’d had these years ago. I will order more. As Phil points out, they don’t work as well on my thicker, longer speaker cables. I am adding my vote for bringing out a plus size.

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