Cajon by Angelo

Sounds cool! Thanks for sharing!!!


Hi there,

I’m wondering if it is possible to create your cajon drum kit for use on cubase so that i can program midi drum files which could then be used on beatbuddy? I’m looking at ways of creating drum patterns as easy as possible without having to program patterns with a mouse pad. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Great cajon patterns, btw. Cheers.

In order to program drum patterns for BeatBuddy you use a MIDI editor.
I use Guitar Pro 5.2. Strictly speaking, it is a GTP tablature editor, but has pretty options to import MIDI files to edit, and export - to get the resulting MIDI file to use via BBManager to create a song. BBManager also allows you to add your new songs to the pedal.

Thanks for reply, Daefecator. I’m a big user of Guitar Pro 6. It’s great for exporting midi parts, etc. I have used it for patterns on Beatbuddy as well. But it only really uses GM drum sounds rather than imported wav sounds like cajon. The problem with most midi editors is that they are not set up for using midi guitar. For the guitarist, midi guitar is a far more organic way to write and play drum parts. Just trying to solve an editing and writing problem for me. Cheers.

This is my primary kit… Thanks bro

Just discovered Angel’s Cajon drum kit. Works so well with small venue, acoustic guitar. Thanks for putting it together for us.

big problem here…,I cant open drop box site. maybe because I’m in china??

Sounds like your web browser is timing out. Am able to access and download the 9.6Mb updated file from by angelo .zip?dl=0. You’ll probably just have to keep trying to access the site. I just tried the download and it seemed to take a little longer to access the site.