Cajon Drum Kit (Free)

Hi Everyone! I wasn’t going to share my cajon Kit because I was a little mad with the Beatbuddy Team since they not offer a very clear way to do this (with videos) so, for me was a huge pain in the ass trying to setup each sound on Logic X and then bring each sound back to the Beatbuddy Software to hear how it sounds.

Any way, since you guys have nothing to do with them! whatever, here is my share. Is not extremely perfect but I think it sounds really good like a Cajon Player on your side. If anyone are making new flamenco rhythms please let me know since I having a lot of problems trying to create those.

Enjoy!! It sounds really great with 99.5% of the rhythms that are already in the pedal. If you make it better please let me know.


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Wow, that’s cool! Thanks for sharing!

I wouldn’t take it out on the BB team just because they did not provide details on how to do this. Writing a full manual and making videos takes time and there are other things that are more urgent at the moment. You can always make your own and share the knowledge. Also not everyone will be making drumkits but lots will want to edit them and increase the drumkits and songs in the BB.

Really? I would. I’ve had my BB since October and have yet been able to use it in a live performance for exactly that reason. My guess is others feel the same way as well. I think all the hype about this unit has been a bit misleading and perhaps prematurely released.

Thank you!

Really? So the only thing stopping you using the BB is not being able to make a Drumkit? The only thing that would literally stop you is if you have a Mac and that is being worked on as a priority. The BeatBuddy manager for windows comes with a drum maker v1.00 pdf that explains this and Beckerdo gave step by step details in his post here.

A ZILLION THANKS MATE!!! So glad you were kind enough to share this with all Spanish guitar fans. Thank you so, so much. You’ve made my day :slight_smile:

I just downloaded teh drum kit… it sounds amazing!!!

Thanks ben

Thank you!

I downloaded the Cajon kit and clicked on “import drum set” and it shows up in the Drum Set list as Ben Cajon but with no samples? Were the .wav files included or did I not read it correctly?

Ignore my previous question. I don’t know what I did wrong but when I got out of it and opened another kit then later returned the Cajon kit was there including the samples.

Thank you. Great work.

thats what i was looking for, great sound!

Thank you!


No… the only thing stopping me is that it is extremely difficult to import my current drum patters from the SR18 into the BB (as I’ve stated previously). As I’ve also stated the hype surrounding the release of the BB is/was grossly exaggerated even making references to out doing the SR18 which is totally incorrect. So, when it finally becomes “easier” to import my existing drum patterns and make the workable without having to go through numerous hops, then perhaps I can put the BB on stage. (Purchased in October…never been able to put on stage…BB collecting dust!). Just sayin’…

Thanks for the Cahon kit Ben.

Great cajon kit, Ben. What I particularly like about it is that the kit’s drum sounds blend so well with acoustic guitar. Far more organic than the regular kits. Thanks.

Thanks for the great cajon kit!

Thanks for the cool Cajon kit Ben.

Sounds great tome, I just tried it with the Samba Funk. Have you tried the Samba Funk yet? it is one of my favorites.