cajon Kit is missing sounds

Hi folks,
I’ve been spending some time with the cajon kit and have found some shortcomings.
Basically, the kit translates nicely when using other styles, except when it comes to fills with toms. They really don’t work well. It sounds like the kit only has one sound mapped to a tom.
So, if the fill contains more than one tom then there are some big gaps and silences in the fill.

Also, it sounds like there is nothing mapped to the open highhat. So, with the shaker playing the closed highhat part, usually at the end of a four measure loop, there’s a break in the shaker sound because the drummer has used an open hat and there’s nothing there.

Since this is premium content, it would be REALLY nice if the cajon kit could be updated to contain instruments mapped to the toms and open hats.

For example, some cajon players use their foot to modify the tone of the box. this could be used to fill toms. Or, the udu sounds could be used.
for the open highhat maybe a sizzle cymbal, or some other longer sound. At first I thought vibraslap, but, no, that’s too much to be used regularly in an open hat location. :slight_smile: Maybe a guiro with a short guiro muting it when the hh pedal is closed?

Just some thoughts to make things better hopefully.