Cajon Kit w/bass

Has anyone successfully created a cajon kit with bass that would be willing to share? I tried the only one I found on the forum and the bass notes aren’t working for me. Thanks.

I thought the kit worked fine. What song are you trying to play with it?

I tried various songs. Only one I even heard a bass note on was Whats Up. And it was the wrong note but only played the one note. Maybe I have a bad file or do I need to change something to use that kit?

The reason you probably aren’t hearing the bass notes with What’s Up (if it’s my post), is because it was created with an NP version of the kit which has the bass notes located in the 62-91 range whereas the Cajon with Bass kit has the bass notes in the 0-31 range.

Try a song that was posted using one of the newer non-NP titled kits and you’ll hear the bass notes. Download, unzip and import the OPB version of this song Sex on Fire - DOP & OPB