cajon kit with bass

hello !!
I’m looking for a cajon drumkit with bass ?? Any ideas ?

I can work this up later today, using Angelo CAJON kit. The Ben CAJON is too big. The bass notes will be in the midi 0 through 33 range to avoid conflicts with the existing Angelo kit. I was going to use 63 to 91, but the kit has instruments already assigned in that range. Sorry about the caps on CAJON. My pad is autocorrecting to that.

thank’s a lot angelo kit is a good cajon kit too !!! havethe midi affectations of ANGELO CAJON KIT and BEN CAJON ??
good work to you PHIL !!lool;)
have a nice day !

Here you go. This is the Angelo Cajon kit with Upright Bass. Bass is mapped at midi 3 through 31, and has the note Eb1 through G3.

Sorry. it looks like the bass did not save. I’ll try again,

Ok. it’s all there now.