Can any one help me out with Hootie and the Blowfish beats

The only ones I need are Let her cry and Hold my hand. If anyone has these it will be greatly appreciated.

I’ll take a look at both of these

How do you package and upload complete songs? Did that work?

It works. Thank you so much


Both of your requests are in Resources as one-press songs:

Thanks persist!

No problem. The first loop is the chorus (sort of – more below) that rolls into the post-chorus part that is essentially the chorus without the extra punch at the end of the second bar in the phrase. The second loop is the verse.

To make the first loop work, timing-wise, you need to trigger a fill between the pre-chorus (“I got here for you”) and the beginning of the chorus proper (“Hold my hand”). If you do that, the drums pause at the end of the chorus and go into the post chorus part. That also works going into the solo – which is why you can get away with just two parts.

Good luck!