Can BB control tempo of 3rd party pedals? (RC-5)

I have BB - breakout cable-Aeros. BB is midi master. When I change tempo on BB, it automatically changes on Aeros. Great!
I’m using the rc-5 looper pedal as a sampler. I’m wondering if I come out of Aeros midi out, into rc-5 midi in, would the BB also control tempo on rc-5, with minimal to no effort?
It requires me to buy a special cable, 5 pin to 3.5 trs, so that’s why I’m inquiring beforehand.
The tricky part is the RC-5 does not have a specific CC# for changing to specific tempo (would be great to have cc value as tempo)
However, it does read midi clock, and tap tempo. So I guess I’m asking does the BB have midi clock out, and will it work with BOSS?

If a device reads MIDI clock, it does not need a CC to set tempo. The MIDI clock sets the tempo. The RC-5 reference manual p.18 tells you that the sending device needs to send clock, and midi start/stop. No where in that paragraph does it indicate you need a CC. And with MIDI, you shouldn’t need a CC. Tempo via CC becomes an issue when you want to change to a specific tempo, where you are not following the tempo of the master. Since BB sends clock and start/stop, you should be fine.

Yes, I’m aware of that. I am just regarding an alternative, if for whatever reason the midi clock out would not work for rc-5. Basically, your last sentence is what I was hoping for. I realize the manual says such and such, but I’m finding that the manual and real life scenario doesn’t always match here. :wink: Both with the rc-5 and BB/Aeros.
So, I’m a little hung up on there being certain work arounds, regarding BB and Aeros, and I’m hoping this would actually works as it should.
Thanks, Phil! Appreciate the comeback!

Glad to help. My only concern, really, was that Roland had indicated with the RC-500, I think, that it could only be a slave to another RC-500. But they are not posting any kind of warning like that with the RC-5. Even with the 500, that shouldn’t be the case, but they probably put some Sysex requirement in there that only another 500 could send. Anyhow, I was glad to see that Roland appears to have gotten onboard with allowing 3rd party MIDI clock.

I’m just going through this now. It’s not working just yet, but I’m pretty use I’m using a type B TRS adapter … ooops. I’m ordering the Boss one now.