Can BB Drum Kits work as Sound Module ? I wish to use Foot MIDI Keyboard for additional notes.

Can BB Drum Kits work as Sound Module ? - I wish to use Foot MIDI Keyboard for the receipt of the general joint sounding in Mix of additional notes of BB Drum Kit or BB Bass Guitar - simultaneously with Play Loops BeatBuddy Patterns. I plan to use for this purpose two very easy MIDI Foot Controllers : Keith McMillen - Soft Step & 12 Step, that is able to work together for such aims. Also on occasion I wish to use an additional man and a standard synthesizer for hands, that has MIDI OUT, to get the additional sounds of Drum & Bass during work of BB Preset Loop.

I regularly use midi in Reaper drive the BB pedal, in order to preview midi in it’s actual real environment.

I have also used my SPD-30 to “play” the bb pedal sounds, but you have to make a few tweaks to the midi settings to allow the samples on the pedal to play out nicely like they need to.

In addition, I have create some cool non drumkit kits, like Mellotron Strings, and Mellotron flutes, which turn your beatbuddy into a mellotron :slight_smile:

I thank you! On which one tuning of MIDI Settings in this case will it be needed to pay attention ? It something special ?

which settings on the spd-30? I dont have it in front of me, but it’s basically the setting that says how long a sample should play… i upped it to about 50 ms, or maybe 500 ms… it was 3 or 4 weeks ago when i was down there. it shouldn’t be hard to figure out in the midi settings if you have an spd-30

either way it was cool to use a kinda normal setup drum kit ala spd-30 kick, snare, hat, hat foot, rack-as-toms-and cymbals to trigger bb drumkits…

the odd thing was that the orginal triggers still happens… so the spd30 was still playing of course, and not necessarily the same notes.

Broadly speaking : do you have because of individual tuning of Velocity & Volumes ? Also interestingly, does BB understand me on MIDI smooth clean work of Hi - Hat, or it only for Open - Closed Hi - Hat ? Maybe it to use two BassDrums on two different channels, having here the opportunity to save sounding of Sustain not interrupting sounding of first BassDrum Sustain a next blow to second BassDrum at rapid play ?

Sorry to make this clear (even for me) The “Beat Buddy’s Midi In” is a full midi in? In other words a Drum Module? Not just for Sync? This would make programming much easier !

if you dont’ ever want a bass drum to stop teh sound of another bass drum, remove the “choke group” Any instrument in a particular choke group will stop the sound of any other instrument in that group.

The pedal reads the velocity of the midi note, and uses that to both choose the sample, and choose how loudly the sample is played

I believe the broad answer to this is “Yes”. If configured to listen, it will respond to external midi notes being played by a midi controller/instrument (I’ve used a SPD-30 drum pad), or via a midi player or daw like Reaper. It doesn’t do the full complements of midi commands just yet, but it has basic ones.

Cool thanks! Note to myself: Buy a Midi-Cable for Beatbuddy :wink:

“It doesn’t do the full complements of midi commands just yet, but it has basic ones.”
I thank you! This will be a very good investment!

Hi Aashideacon,
I have been trying to get midi out of Reaper to sound out in BeatBuddy.
It seems like an impossible dream. I guess I’m not a keyboard player.

I can see I’ve recorded the beatbuddy notes in Reaper but try as I may, I get no synch or notes out to beatbuddy.

Can you think of any obvious things I may be doing wrong?
I have all the cabling in and out right and the default midi settings in beat buddy, but with note events enabled for MIDI out.

Thanks heaps

I use one of these to connect my mac to my beatbuddy… it’s a midi-to-usb interface, cheap and easy to use:

Plug it all in, restart Reaper, and on the midi track you want the beatbuddy to play, click on Route (that little box to the far left on your track), then under MIDI Hardware Output, you can select the Uno MIDI interface.

Thanks for the kind message.

I just bought these two
I doubt they are both faulty

The simpler one looks a little similar to yours.
see screen capture of reaper track and routing
I followed your steps above as best I can, using a midi track I recorded by playing the beat buddy previously into the track.
However no sound or display change on the beatbuddy on playback.

There seems to be no official test files/procedures or people to talk to.
Perhaps I have a faulty Beatbuddy or a faulty Beatbuddy midi adaptor. ?

my hunch is that there is a beatbuddy midi setting that isn’t turned on. i probably turned it on a long time ago, but dont’ remember the exact details. let me do some research, and in the meantime, check out the beatbuddy hardware midi settings and see what you can figure out.