Can BB receive tempo changes dynamically via MIDI?

I want to change a song (afaics this is possible) from an external midi device transmitting bank and patch change data, and I also want to send a tempo change as well, is this possible?


You can either enable default Tempo and have select Tempo`s per BB Songs … or you can allow BB to sync with incomming Midi clock. BB will change to incomming Tempo as well. (Tested with Mobius Looper as Master…)

Thanks - (great name btw :smiley: ) is there another way rather than syncing? The device I am using afaik, cannot sync. The setup is I am using an iPad running Unrealbook as a chart reader, but it can also send MIDI data strings (including sysex) as a “burst stream” when the chart is opened. It has no sequencer as such.

Oups…, I have know idea, never used iPad, so no experience, but if it helps(AFAIK), you can also tap the tempo while playing, but never used to…

cool thanks - I would find it a bit hard to tap tempo as I am using left hand for bass and right hand for keys hahaha!

I have been reading in the latest beta FW - that higher MIDI functionality is to be included. So maybe something there. I have asked for a beta version to be sent so I can test it, but no response so far :frowning: