Can bbuddy launch 2nd part of a 6x6 song in loop studio?

Hi everyone, hope someone can advise me on this, I’m running version 5.1.1 on my loop studio, I’m just getting my head around all the new updates and settings. I’m making a tune in 6x6 mode, and usually in 2x2 if i hold down on the beat buddy it sends the loop studio into the 2nd part of the song, but trying to do this on 6x6 isnt working. is there a setting i’m not seeing that can enable this or do i always have to go into part 2 of the song via the loop studio ? many thanks

Have you tried the Aeros 5.2 beta yet to see if it helps you with the issue?

In 6x6, you must select the part you want to transition to on the Aeros for the BeatBuddy transition command to cause the Aeros to transition.

To avoid this try using 2x2 while you get used to the Aeros, it’s a bit easier to use and will automatically transition along with the BeatBuddy

You could use a MIDI controller, like the MIDI Maestro, to control both the Aeros and BeatBuddy or try using the Aeros as the master instead!

Thanks for the question!