Can digitally modelled amps replace analogue amplifiers? (listening test)

Hey Guys!

I’m conducting a study on the topic of digitally modelled amps. It’s based on my own hypothesis that digital amp modelling can replace all types analogue amplification (tube amps in particular) for common guitar practices which include practicing at home, live performances and studio recording. Therefore, I created a listening test which is primarily intended to illustrate whether guitarists would happily use amp modellers as opposed to tube amps and other analogue amplifiers in terms of tonal quality. The questions aren’t perfect (biased in some people’s opinion), but hopefully your feedback will enable me to generate sufficient data for me to prove or disprove my initial hypothesis. So if anyone is interested in participating, you would be contributing towards new research on guitar amplification would be helping me out massively!

(Also, make sure you read the instructions before completing the test as there are audio files you need to download to use whilst doing the test)

Survey link:

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