Can I affect the BB sound with another pedal: compressor?

Can I put a compressor pedal after the BB in my chain and have it affect the drum sound? Possibly some other way?

Yes, but it will affect all sounds (all drums, guitar, if it’s put through the BB) indiscriminately. What are you trying to accomplish?

Of course any pedal put after it will affect the sound…

Just trying to compress the sound of the BB drums which sound a bit harsh to my ear.

I will mess around with some different configurations.

Thanks for response.


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Harsh? Or just a bit overwhelming? Harshness is usually the result of overdriving your amp/PA with the BB; overwhelming requires a different fix – which I have made to the (original) Standard kit. You can get that here:

Any additional information can certainly help us help you. Welcome to the family!

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