Can I change my default modes

Im wondering if I can modify the default modes on the midi maestro. For example- id like to get rid of the beat buddy menu as I don’t have one and realise its a wasted real estate on the device. It would be nice to assign a custom mode here so I have access to more than one custom mode.

Id like to change on the aeros mode parts to have stop all on the down press and play part on the release of switch. How can I edit the aeros mode? When I click on update default modes in the iOS app it takes me to my custom mode edit page?

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Hi there,

No, this is not currently possible and will not likely be possible for a while. You will have to get used to just the one custom mode for now.

We will likely be exploring changing this later on, after V2.0.0 is finished

I can’t wait for the new update!! this is a massive reason why I bought into this hardware for the promise of continued development to make it the perfect looper!

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