Can I connect my BB to a Yamaha 515 digital keyboard?

Can I connect my BB to a Yamaha 515 keyboard with Midi?

It’ll connect, but what are you wanting to be able to do, if you have that connection?

My keyboard has limited drum patterns. Very basic. Ideally, I would like to use BeatBuddy drum pattern library. Is that possible?

If what you mean is that you would like the BB to play the drum sounds in the Yamaha, yes that can be done. If you just want use the BB’s drum patterns and it’s sounds, you don’t need midi.

Great. I assume just connect using regular inputs. Thank you.

You’ll need the BB midi breakout cable from Singular, and then a regular 5 pin midi cable.

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Correct, the BeatBuddy uses a PS/2 port and requires a MIDI breakout cable to work with standard MIDI cables, we sell the Breakout cable here.

Was this the connection you were referring to?

Thanks for your help Brennan. Yes, I guess that’s the connection I was referring to. I’m new at this stuff. If the connection hooks the BB to the back of my Yamaha 515 keyboard, that’s the one.

Does the BB become a slave to the Yamaha? For example, I can run all the options of the BB through the keyboard?


If you want the BB drum files to trigger the sounds in the Yamaha, then the 5 pin cable goes from the midi out on the breakout cable to the midi in on your Yamaha. You’ll have to make the settings in the BB to have it act as a Master, and you’ll be sending both tempo and notes.

On the other hand, if you want the Yamaha to trigger the BB’s sound but the rhythms are coming from the Yamaha, then you’ll connect the 5 pin cable from the midi out on the Yamaha to the midi in on the BB breakout cable. You’ll have to make the settings in the BB to have be a SLAVE, and have it receive notes.

Saw the cable you’re referring to. I’ll also need another cable that will allow me to have the BB on the floor so I can access the foot options, correct? Do you also have that cable?

Do you mean the cable to use the 2 button external switch?

Thank you my friend. The BB has far more drum patterns and fills than the Yamaha. I assume it’s easy enough to change the settings on the BB to do as you suggest.

Just a long enough cable to reach the floor so I can use my foot to access the BB beats and fills.

The 5 pin midi cables can be purchased in many different lengths. I have several that are 2 meters, I believe seen ones that are a bit over 3 meters. That would be the cable that runs from the BB breakkout cable to the Yamaha. If you are referring to a longer cable for the optional footswitch, that is a standard 1/4" TRS (tip, ring, sleeve) cable, also known as a stereo cable. Those should be available from any music or hi-fi store. Singular does not sell those separately. They provide a very short one along with the external switch when it is purchased from them.

I wish I could speak your language and be more clear with my goal. what I want to do:

I want to put the BB on the floor and while I’m playing my Yamaha 515, tap the BB for fills and drum patterns. I simply want more drum pattern options than what’s available in the Yamaha keyboard. Is the 5 pin midi cable what I need?


Thanks Phil!

In case this is helpful this is all you need to do to get the Yamaha to read the notes, please let us know if you have any issues!