Can I import beats from Roland Octopad

I’ve been working on creating a new solo show. Previously I purchased a Roland electric drum kit, and a Roland Octopad.
I’ve decided to use a BeatBuddy midi synced to the Pigtronix Infinity Looper.

I’ve made some killer drum beats with the Octopad that use hand drum sounds. These beats are more fitting for several of my solo- acoustic songs.

Q: is there a way to use these beats with the BeatBuddy or the Pigtronix Looper?

A couple ideas - 1. You can record the audio for the Songs out of the Octopad (I assume it has built in drum sounds, or you have a drum sound module.) Then you can have the recorded song as a wav file and load it into the Infinity as a preset. You can do this using the Infinity Application.

  1. You can record the midi out of your Octopad into a DAW, and then have a midi file that you can use in the BB. You may to remap some of the drums depending upon what midi number they are assigned to in the octopad and where a similar instrument is located in the BB drum kit. If you are using a lot of hand drum sounds, you might want to try the Latin Percussion BB kit.

Thanks a bunch Phil_Flood.