Can I make this thing louder?

When used in the effect loop of my guitar amp, the BB volume is barely adequate when maxed out. That’s disappointing for a device that advertised itself as a pedal.

Is there a way to make it louder? Software trick or even hardware mod?

I don’t have a PA or stereo or anything else to plug it in in my practice room, and I also often play with headsets when the family is sleeping so I plug the headsets in my amp.
I do have an AUX input in my amp that gives me some flexibility, by generally want to run the BB into my looper, not an external sound input.

Does your looper have a master volume control? Mine does and when I inadvertently bumped the looper volume knob, it dropped the volume below unity. Once I traced each pedal to find out why my volume was so low, I found the issue.

If your BB is working correctly, it has plenty of volume for use in a normal pedal chain. Try placing it last in your signal chain.

I play with the amp breaking up, so the drum sounds get affected too, which is why and want it in my effect loop (where I only have the BB and the looper). This is as “last” as I can make it.

FlatLineRhythm, is the BB pedal volume otherwise adequate when not going thru the effects loop of your amp? You didn’t mention whether your amp has a parallel or a serial loop. Is your effect loop buffered? Keep in mind that if it’s serial, it usually works best with line level effects.

Several Boogie board members are unhappy with how their effect loops interact with the pedals they run through their effects loops. Issues range from (loss of) volume, increased compression, and changed tone.

Is there a solution for your issue? Probably not one that you’re going to be absolutely happy with. You could experiment by connecting your pedal via the 1/8" jack to the the effect loop; be careful with the BB pedal headphone volume though. Oh, make sure your BB has the latest firmware. Hope you find something that works for you. If you do, please let us know.

My main amp is a Fender Mustang III, not sure what that makes its loop, guessing series but it’s just a guess. I have never seen anything about it being buffered.

The issue is that basically the FX Send signal when gain is up (for dirty sound) is significantly higher/louder than the output of the pedal even at max volume, the the pedal gets drowned out.
I can’t put the pedal in front of the amp because I use the amp’s distortion. I’m guessing it would work fine with the amp set to clean, the dirt coming from an overdrive or distortion pedal placed ahead of the BB (BB last in the chain, straight into the amp input, not the FX chain). I’ll give it a try but I don’t get the same tone from my cheap overdrive pedal than I get from the amp’s distortion.

When I connect the pedal via its headphone output to the Aux In of my amp, I get more or less the same loudness. I haven’t plugged the headphone out in the FX loop, I need to scrounge for an adapter. It may work, I have plugged in an Android tablet with a drum loop program in the FX signal chain (through a small mono mixer) and I don’t recall having volume complaints, just that it’s a pain to deal with a tablet.

Hi @FlatLineRhythm try running the BB through your mono mixer – maybe it can boost the sound level for you like it did for your tablet. The BB volume output should be equal to the tablet output. Or if you have a spare clean boost pedal that you can plug the BB into before it goes into the amp can provide extra volume too. If that doesn’t work, you just may have to lower the distortion volume level so it doesn’t overpower the BB.