Can I modify the "factory" Beatbuddy mode on Maestro?

I just want to change a couple of the controls, as I’m happy with the rest, so is it possible to edit the factory BB Mode at all?

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The best way to do this is to create a template of the BB mode as a custom mode using the MIDI Maestro App! The Default modes cannot be directly edited and require an update made by us to be changed.

This is very easy, from the MIDI Maestro Manual:

Default Mode Templates

You can create a custom mode based on a template of either the BeatBuddy or Aeros default mode. Simply create a new mode, and select either Blank, BeatBuddy, or Aeros to decide the template that you will use. If you choose Blank, the mode will not be based on any template, and you will start from the beginning of the creation process. Notice, all Singular Sound Default Mode commands are available to you before you create any commands. Read more about commands on pg. 37.

Once you create a template based on a default mode, you will have the option to choose what MIDI channel the mode will be made on, this is a quick way to create all necessary commands on a specific channel.

Here it is on iOS:

Here it is on Android:

Notice how you must choose the option and then click ‘OK’, default will set the template to channel 1.

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Sweet, thanks!

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You’re very welcome