Can I omit vocals from a loop or for a song?

I have guitar coming in on Left side and Vocals on the right. On some songs or loops, I would like to record the guitar without the vocals even though I’m singing. Is that possible? Sometimes, I want the vocals in the loop so I can later overdub harmony, but not always.

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I was thinking interactively doing something that would only record the guitar for a loop. Or, I just don’t run vocals in at all I guess, or maybe I can get creative with a A-B-Y switch.

Hey there,

We are currently working on input controls so you would be able to do this later using something like MIDI to turn input level for vocals all the way down for example, but this is not currently possible and won’t be out for some time

We are close to having a MIDI control for settings like the Main and Aux input routing, so you could turn off one of the inputs to stop recording from it. You would have to record on the Right channel with Main ins and plug vocal into Stereo Aux in to be able to do this. Also, you will have to wait for it to be possible, but this is the very next version we will release!

Thanks for the question!

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Thanks for your answer! I have plenty to work on in the meantime. So exciting to have all of this capability, just need to learn and be coordinated enough to do it!

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