Can I play a .midi file through beatbuddy (to updated Boomerang III)?

I have the BeatBuddy and a Boomerang III. The Boomerang is on version 2.1 and I need to update the firmware in order to get MIDI sync working. In order to update the Boomerang you have to ‘play’ a .midi file into it. The only equipment I have with MIDI jacks is the BeatBuddy and a Headrush Gigboard. I’d prefer to avoid buying a USB->MIDI adapter if I don’t need it (even though they are cheap).

Is there a way I can import the firmware .midi file into BB Manager and then just ‘play’ it once as a song or something?

Get the usb to midi adapter. You probably need to play a sysex midi file. BB only transmits midi note information.

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Roger that

Just to close this out, I remembered I had an old AudioBox interface with MIDI (doh), and that did the trick. BeatBuddy as the master midi clock for my looper is amazing. I always had the hardest time getting my loop timing synchronized and now it’s completely painless.

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Ditto ditto on the usb/midi cable. My boomerang is still on my pedalboard.