Can i run a beat buddy thru my p.a., without my guitar going thru the pedal?

can you use this pedal alone, or does it have to have an instrument with it. i want to use my pa for drums and vocals. That way only my guitar is coming out of my amp. i do not want drums coming out of my guitar cabinet.

You can use it with or without a guitar going through it. I use mine connected to its own input on the mixer and then I run my guitar through my pedal board and into my amp. You can also run your guitar through the pedal if you have limited inputs on your PA or computer interface.

Thanks for the info. I want to buy the pedal, but was not sure if it would work for me. Sounds like you are doing what i had in mind. I am going to order one of the pedals today from a friend at Guitar Center. They do not have it in stock, but he said i could return it if i did not like it. Thanks again and happy playing to you.

Yes, the pedal can work alone. It allows you to pass any instrument sound of your choice through it, but it is not required. It can play alone easily.

By the way, as you asked - you can use two separate amps - one for BeatBuddy, other for your guitar (or w/e) plus, for example, a looper - and still make use of MIDI tempo synchronization between the looper and the BeatBuddy! Your looper (unless it is a shitty one by Boss) will always stay in tune with the rhythm!

I personally run my guitar through the Beat Buddy then into a looper and then a small mixer and then to both my guitar amps. I have some very efficient amps which will produce even the high frequencies for the cymbals. Actually, I had to build a Volume/Tone box to antennuate the Beat Buddy Pedal due to it’s high output. The first box I constructed didn’t have the right value of Potentiometers so I re-designed one that works much better. If anyone wants a diagram, I will gladly share it. It smoothes out the sharp tone of the cymbals and lowers the volumes of the drumtracks to a nice usable level. It does antennuate the guitar signal but I have some boosters to compensate for that. I came out with a nice smooth tone for all of it and it’s all relatively at the same volumes for all tracks. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

It works great on its own. I run the main outs to the PA.

Rarely do I plug my guitar into the Beat Buddy. I use an Akai EiePro as a “mixer”, with 4 inputs 2 for the Beat Buddy, one for the guitar chain and the other to stare at me ominously like some solid state eye socket…

Are you going to tell me about playing a left handed Strat right handed or is it a reversed picture of a right handed Strat and your playing it left handed. Real curious about that. I know a few left handed pickers that play right handed guitars and they can really pick. Will you please let the truth be known.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I would not order it from Guitar Center if you ever want to see it. I had one ordered for months and the availability date kept rolling back… so I cancelled my order and ordered it directly. The only way you are going to get one in a timely manner is ordering it direct…

Hi. It’s a left handed guitar turned right handed. Got it really cheap back in '94 and just couldn’t resist. It’s a made in Japan Strat.