Can I save changes on the pedal without the manager?


Say I have a song in my folder with a beat, kit and tempo set from the manager But I find a different beat &or kit &or tempo that I like while playing. Can I save that change on the fly without having to plug it into the computer? I’m think yes but I can’t find out how.


No, as far as I know that’s not possible. The reason is for you to not screw your content. No changes - no screwing… Well, the downside is… you actually cannot make changes via pedal! :confused:


That doesn’t make sense to me. So I can skew it up in the manager but I can’t fix it and save it on the pedal when I actually playing it? I’m not asking for much. Pretty simple I think. I’m in folder “my set” song "honky tonk woman"I Change the tempo and kit from rock to country. hold down 2 buttons to save? I can always put them back.


save the tempo is necessary!
Press down the tempo button for more than 1 second and you will get a message that the beat is stored for the current song!