can i turn down the cymbals?

Would like to adjust the volumes on certain pieces of the drum kit. If its possible where do I go in BB manager to accomplish this? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

I usually turn down load drum hits within the song/beat using the midi Editor in BB manager 1.6. Doing it within the drum kit will effect evey beat and some beats might be OK . but if you still want to do that you have to go into BB manager and above all the beats are (I beleive ) 3 tabs. One is drums. Go in there and there should be a velocity or volume field that can be edited.

I’m fairly new to the BB world… But, I’d also Like modify the volume of some of the “fills”… some of them are a little too loud for music I play… I assume this would be done by adjusting Volume / Velocities… in the midi editor? is there tutorial that would help explain the process… I haven’t run across it yet… THX

I haven’t seen a tutorial for that yet but If you ask support for the Beta version of BBmanager and install that one. it has a midi editor that easily allows you to edit all the parts in a beat/song, including volume control. I know what you mean. all the beats I use I lowered the Crash cymbals, toms and Snare hits. Let me know if you go ahead with installing that version of BBmanager and I’ll try to walk you through the edit if you can not figure it out.

You can turn down the velocities in the MIDI if you want to vary just those parts. Or you can turn down the whole instrument in the drumkit editor. That would quiet the instrument for all songs.

Thanks for the info… is the drumkit editor part of the “Beta BBmanager” ?

No, it’s in all the bbmanagers… just double click on the drumset on the Drum Sets tab in bbmanager. There are several tutorials on how to use it, but it’s not too tough to figure out

There is another way to quiet down parts of a song but it might be considered as doing it the hard way. If you have yet to download “BeatBuilder”, I would suggest that you do. In BeatBuilder you can edit each individual parts of the drums including Cymbal beats, snare, bass drum beat, stick, or other including adjusting the volume across the entire song like cymbals or you can quiet or raise the level of each note. It’s similar to “Step Writing” like in Cakewalk if you have ever done that. You can create an entire drum track if so desired which I do a lot. If you want to add or delete any note from a riff it’s easy to do with BeatBuilder. There is also “Anvil” which is good also but a little more complicated to use. I use both all of the time to build my drum tracks as I see fit. They are both valuable tools. Both of them are also free. The BeatBuilder can be downloaded right off the Forum right here. You can also correct the timing which is a valuable asset. One of our local people ( Charles Spencer) created the BeatBuilder to work with the BeatBuddy Manager. Try it if you get a chance.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Thanks for the Info: I downloaded Anvil & it was what I needed… I’m trying to clean-up some Band In the Box Midi files… to use for “Background” Jazz with BeatBuddy… Using BeatBuilder & Anvil I think I should be able to put together the “songs” I need…
I found that in Band/Box the Bass Drum is mapped wrong (#35) & can be adjusted in BeatBuilder & that Anvil is easier to Adjust & Enter New Drum Parts… Rhythms, Volumes… THX

I use free midi editor. You can select drum events separately or in groups with sliders. Very easy to do. I’m going to attempt a video tutorial one of these days. I haven’t really worked with the beatbuddy manager editor. I guess I’m really used to my free midi editor. I tried the built in editor and it confused me.

Glad I could help. The Anvil is much better also to get the notes right where you want them to be in time, ahead of time, or etc. It’s also easier to “Quantize” the notes when needed. I played with a lot of professional drummers and believe me they are “On Time” all the time. I had to correct a lot of the default drums because of their timing issues. No fault of the Beat Buddy Team. It’s just the way the songs are set up. Some of them were not meant to be on time.
I also work a lot with BeatBuilder which is OK too but Anvil is more precise. If you have any other issues, feel free to contact me but also let the Support Team know to update their stuff along with ours.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker, Stan House.