Can I use Cubase?

Hello, BeatBuddies!
Can anybody tell me, is it possible to work with a .sng-file in cubase?
My idea: in cubase perhabs it would be easier to work on an existing .sng-file. The midi-editor in BBM is really slow and sensitive when I try to work with an complexe OPB or OPBk-song.
The other side would be, I want to try creating own songs with bass and maybe some keyboards by using my cubase workstation.
I think, that must be possible, but I have no idea, how.
I’m relative new in working with all that stuff, although I own my BeatBuddy now since over 2 years…

You can export individual sections of a song if it’s a default format (multi-part) or the entire song if it’s an OPB song (one-press bass) to a MIDI file from within the BeatBuddy Manager and use Cubase to do your editing of the MIDI file.

You can only edit a .sng file in BBM and even then you really only want to make minor changes. Using a DAW like you want is definitely the way to go.

You would need to export the parts that make up the .sng file to midi. Once you have the midi file(s) you can edit those in whatever DAW you want to use.

There is a lot of good information and tutorials on this forum so just do a search to grasp the basic concepts of the BB and how it works in conjunction with the BBM. It’s a little bit of a learning curve but you won’t regret putting in the time. Obviously if you get stuck on something just ask on the forum, I’m pretty sure you’ll get a response. Good luck!

Wow - this could be a brainwave!
I’ve tried to import a .sng-file in cubase; that didn’t work.
But now I would export the part of the sng-file to my workspace, thereby it would be a mid-file. And than I import it in cubase…
Okay, this I try next!

Hi Raymond,
I’ve searched the forum for a tutorial for this. But for me only my english from school is available, and that’s a long time ago…! There it would be a little bit difficult, finding the right answer, or setting the right question…
But yes - I like this forum! I’ve learned a lot about my BB here!
Many thanks to all those dedicated BB-Forum-Users!

Okay, one more question:
now I have the sng-file in my cubase. How do I get the right drumsound, the right midi-map?
Again: I am new in such midi things…:frowning: