Can I Use the pedal to Record ? If so how?

Years ago I would record with my drum machine laying down a sync/click track and then I could go and write the drumtrack for the song by dropping in parts. I know in modern era of recording it seems quaint but that is all I know. So… how can use my BB to do the same thing or even can I ?

you would use the Beat Buddy manager software not the pedal to create your own custom tracks. watch the videos by Singular Sound to understand how to do that.
here is the link to the various vids:

All recording software includes a metronome - ideally you’d just use that. Honestly, recording isn’t that difficult and there’s some great resources on YouTube to learn simple recording techniques. Stay away from tutorials aimed at engineers.

However,if you really want to keep doing it the way you’re comfortable with, then check out the metronome beats on the beatbuddy. Simply record the metronome (as you did with your old drum machine). Then do your layering.