Can it remember tempo?

Hi, just purchased my beatbuddy mini 2,
I try to compare beats from two songs from Ballad genre. Since the default tempo is too slow for what I need I increase the tempo in song 1, then go to song 2 and increase the tempo for it too, but when I return to song 1 the tempo is reset to the default one.
Is there a way to make it remember a song’s tempo (at least for the time being powered on)?

Hey there, you can reset the song’s default tempo by holding down the tempo knob while the new tempo is set.

This isn’t working for me – maybe I’m doing something wrong, but on the Mini 2, when I set the new tempo then hold down the righthand knob, I just get the “intro on/off” setting and it doesn’t save the new tempo. What am I missing?

I have a BeatBuddy Mini 2, and I don’t think there is an option to remember the tempo. I wanted that too. However, it does remember the last genre and song after power off.

Sorry yes this does not work for BB mini, I misread your post