Can Not Export/ Sync New song list to pedal


Error states “there is an invalid song in the project. Make sure all songs contain a main drum loop”. All songs do contain a main drum loop. All I did was import existing songs into a new song folder and give them new names.
I have tried to delete the new folder and recreate it but get same error when trying to sync or export to pedal.


Found the issue. I must have inadvertently added a new song file to one of the default song folders. I deleted it and all is well.


I followed the great video by david step by step and got the software loaded and my pedal connected…when i tried to copy a song, it gave me the following message; “Unable to copy song data. Skipping song.”

Is anyone else having this issue ?

thanks in advance for your help



Make sure you don’t have empty songs, e.g. without a main loop in at least one of song parts.


Thanks so much for your reply !
Well I started by trying to do what was posted on you tube…just replicate and put a beat in a new file…
It just keeps giving me the error message…

I was hoping to put some basic beats in, rename them and create a set list to make it easier during a gig, to get to different beats…

Getting a little frustrated…


I’m getting that error a lot also. Worked fine for about 10 songs and now i’m getting that error everytime.

Unable to copy song data, skipping song…help !!!


i have had a problem with the last export that i have downloaded-getting the following message----cannot parse portable song C:/users/Randy/desktop/maryJanesLastDance(2)Sng. skipping file :?


I would get rid if the parenthesis “()” and try again. Maybe delete the 2nd version and just import the one originally downloaded. Ensure BeatBuddy names are alpha numerical only.


removing the (2) did nothing to change the issue- same pop up


Please post the links where you get the songs that are unable to be imported with this error.

They were originally exported with a wrong BBManager version. They should be fixed and reuploaded so you can then download a corrected song file.

Thanks for your understanding!

here’s one of them


Upgrade your BBManager. The latest released version is 1.3.3 - it is able to import that file normally.


ok I upgraded to 13.3 and now its giving me the error
Internal Parsing error


it also says , unable to map_p buffer


This is strange. I’ll download the version that was published to make sure.


ok thanks !!


Version 1.3.3 is confirmed to load the song.
The problem lies somewhere else. Delete your project (hope you don’t have a lot of changes) and re-download the content. As a last resort, this will definitely help.


i uninstalled the BBmanager and reinstalled it …no luck. What do you mean delete the project. Im just trying to import a song into a folder I have on the SD card which I named setlist.


well its working now !!!


ok never mind…I lied, it is not working now. It lets me import the songs into a folder but it will not let me synce it .
I am sooooo frustrated with this thing. I wish there was a number you could call to speak with a real person !!!