Can Someone Explain CC vs Hex?

My rig: Set List Maker / iPad / BeatBuddy / Voicelive 3. I would like to try SLM’s Automation feature, but I don’t understand what, to many of you, is probably a very basic MIDI function: BB’s MIDI help document mentions CC commands for things like Tempo, Volume, etc. One of these CCs has to do with Transition (shown below). I plan to try automating my Transistions by embedding the CC into the Automation run when SLM starts a song. But Set List Maker’s MIDI “vocabulary” needs to see Hex values, not CC. Is there some sort of cross-reference table, or other tool that can get me from CC to Hex, as specifically needed by SLM?

Transition (CC113)
● Enable : The BeatBuddy will triggers a transitions when a custom
transition message is received. You can select which part to go after
the transition by setting the value of the command to the index of the
part you want to jump.
○ Value 1 → Part 1
○ Value 2 → Part 2
○ Value 3 → Part 3
○ Value 127 → Next Part
● Disable: The BeatBuddy ignores all Transition Fill message it

A couple of helpful links:

Thanks; man you sure are quick on the draw, Amigo!!! I’ll go check 'em out now.

I also wonder if there’s an app; sort of a “CC - to - Hex secret decoder ring”.

I think the 3d link is all you’ll need. I read somewhere that you can use a calculator in scientific mode to convert to hex.

Yes, that’s what I was hoping you’d say. The other links are Sanskrit to me :slight_smile:

So, it looks like the specific CC 113 translates to a 71 in Hex. Fair enough, but what about this part of the mystery:

○ Value 1 → Part 1
○ Value 2 → Part 2
○ Value 3 → Part 3
○ Value 127 → Next Part
● Disable: The BeatBuddy ignores all Transition Fill message it

Also, the entry field in SLM’s MIDI tab is basically just an open field, so I was wondering if it is looking for values separated by commas, or spaces, or ??? MIDI is a very strange animal.

Since I’m not an SLM user, I’m hoping one of the SLM users will chime in.

I can post some screen shot samples of my SLM setup. I have it set for fills, trans, change drumsets, volume, temp, and beat select.
Just let me know what hex you need.

Oh man, that would sure make my day… Screenshots would be perfect, thanks! What I need most are shots of how to do a Transition. Almost as important would be Fills, and Volume, and to a lesser degree, the others.

Ok the way I did it was make separate Midi preset for each action. I believe there are other ways of doing it but this is what works for me. Here are the screen shot of each midi preset.

Thank you much for that; it’s gonna be a big help. I do think now that I undersatnd, sort of, what the three sets of Hex are doing, except, what is b9 calling up? Does that represent the BeatBuddy device itself?

There’s a thread somewhere in this forum that descusses all that.

Hmmm… Not working. I can send program changes; changing folders, songs, etc works, but not raw MIDI. My BB is set up as CC enabled, and all the other CC parameters (Tempo, Mi-Vol, HP-Vol, Accent Hit, etc etc etc) are also enabled.

Found it. For some reason, BB has to be set to OMNI for MIDI In Channel. I had it set for Channel 1. Not sure why it needs to be OMNI, but now it works like a champ. Feel free to explain if you want; I am not very MIDI-literate at this point.

No need as long as it works. Have fun

Hey jstrauss, can you plz help me with this? I am making good progress now thanks to you, but a few snags:

  1. I send a code of b9 70 79, hoping for a drum fill, but nothing happens.

  2. Can’t do tempo changes.

  3. Is there a secret decoder ring for which Hex value vs which drum is pulled up?

yes the secret decoder ring dos make it easier but I haven’t been able to find that yet. Im going to launch SLM now and see what I have. Im assuming other midi presets using hex code work. Is that correct?

Ok so that is the code that works for me. can you post a screen shot of how you have it setup?

So sorry, I just figured it out (figured it out in my sleep, woke up realizing I had made an error; for some reason that seems to happen to me fairly often). I realized that the Drum Fill command was being sent to a .sng file that actually had no drum fills! I just tried it with a different song and all is well. Again, sorry I wasted your time on that!

And I had set the BB to not accept tempo changes, so that takes care of my last remaining issue. So, I owe you big time, sstrauss!

not a waste of time. 2 people working the same problem always seem to jar one or the other to think deeper into the situation and more often one finds what is wrong as a result. So really no problem. Glad its working.