Can someone make me a mode for my mm?

I just can’t grasp how to designate commands to each button? I really would like the bottom left start-bottom middle next transition-and bottom right stop. If anyone could make me a mode for those I would greatly appreciate it!!

For the Beatbuddy ?

Go to the app >Browse custom mode> search for Eckman> Download> sync with your Maestro
Press the custom mode on the Maestro to have the screen
Lest me know because I make it without testing , it’s 1AM night here and go to sleep

Testing and approuved (if you mean for the Beatbuddy)

Thank you!!! You’re the best!! I appreciate that more than you know! Cheers just asking so no biggie but are you able to make the top right button a pause?

Hey there,

Please check out this tutorial to get more help on how to use the app!

You need top download again and sync again
i make the pause/unpause the switch is toggle

But take a look at the video on Brennan post. This can help you to understand how it works

No problem for me to help you or make a custom
But the best way is learning by yourself

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Thanks again!! I should have thought about asking on here a year ago! I’ll watch that video and see if that helps me realize what I’m missing. Thanks so much! Mike

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Enjoy your custom !