Can someone please help me to find different time signatures

Hello to all my fellow BB owners.
I’m afraid I’ve been faring very poorly with finding different time signatures and rhythms on the BB.
I realize that you are all past this point and are speaking of doing far more advanced operations, but so far, I’ve been unable to find an actual tutorial that takes place on the BB.

The only videos I’ve found are of performers, most of whom are doing “look what I can do” renditions of their chops while using the BB. The tutorials I’ve seen that aren’t performer relate show how to do things only with a computer. I suck at using computers, and bought this excellent machine in order to back up my own performances with drum sounds that sound great. It was sold as being a device that would be easy to use. I use some fairly complex guitar effects, but I usually find something intuitive in them that allows me to operate them, usually without cracking a manual. Right now, I’d give anything for a well written manual to crack!

But so far, I’ve come up empty trying to find a 6/8 beat so I can play “Sleep Walk.” I can’t seem to find anything that’s not in 4/4 time.

I know it has to be easier than this, but I’ve been stuck for 2 days, unable to do anything not in a 4/4 straight eighths kind of feel, except for the one time I managed to get some Latin beats, which were fun, but still in 4/4 time.
I don’t know how to navigate the BB, using the arrows and knobs. If anyone can send me a link (or 10!) to help me help myself, I’d be very grateful!

Re: Can someone please help me to find different time signat

Algorithm how to make your perfect BeatBuddy song -
Complete listing of BeatBuddy songs shipped with the pedal - Note, even the song names sometimes include ‘6/8’ in their names!

Simply go through all the songs, note the ones you like the most, gig, enjoy, ???, PROFIT.

Have fun!

Re: Can someone please help me to find different time signat

Just to add…
There are tons of 6/8 in the blues folder. Now the BeatBuddy comes with a small manual detailing how to operate it - I’m sure it details the buttons. There is also a manual available in the downloads area. The BeatBuddy team also produced a number of videos detailing how to navigate the folders. it’s easy once you know how. However there is not that much you can do without the manager software.

Hope that helps point you in the right direction.

There is NOTHING in the manual that mentions changing time signatures! Help!?

You cannot change the time signatures on songs. You can however, navigate to a different song with a different time signature. Here is the full list of songs on the BeatBuddy: