Can someone point me to best way to mass migrate .sngs to new folders?

I’ve seen reference to the topic but doesn’t come up with searching. We’ve decided to re-distribute songs from one large folder to a few.

I couldn’t find the thread either.

Right now there is no ability in BBM to batch process or easily move several songs at a time to other folders. Before you start, you might want to export the folder so you have a convenient backup of the folder.

Assuming you have 99 songs in a folder, probably the best way is to create all of the new folders you think you will need, rename them, and then start dragging each song from the source to each target folder.

Thank you! Always comforting to know its not me missing the obvious. Turning that idea on its head maybe backing up/exporting the main folder (which I do anyway) then importing it into each of 3 folders as you suggest then deleting those not being used. From there we wait for the upgrade to do this and (sigh) make changes at rehearsal only in the main folder containing all the songs using the others as ‘children’ - albeit orphaned.

If you want copies in multiple folders. As you get new material export it you a folder… Then its pretty quick to imports again and again into multiple folders. But since you can only put 99 songs in a folder you can make a matching BB folder with all the songs that you can export to one PC folder. I write songs so when I hear a beat that might go with it I import to folder named “songx” then all the beats to try with the song are in one place.

Dragging from a PC folder to a BB folder would solve everything