Can someone recommend a PA system

Hi all - can anyone recommend a PA system for me to connect my Beatbuddy to please. I’ve recently bought the BB and would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks

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The right answer is found in the list that @persist has provided. But without more details on what you;re trying to do, you won’;t have a ton of luck on this thread.

Maybe you could tell us more?

If all you want to do is jam around at home, I’d recommend a 2-3 input powered speaker. You can get those starting for $100-250. It would allow you to run your guitar, the BB, and a vocal. You could also add a small mixer if you wanted more inputs than that. If you want to play out, it gets a lot more complicated.

Thanks so much that’s been really helpful

Ok many thanks - found the answer on the thread

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I bought 2 peavey DM112’s and i am more than pleased. Connect them to a small non powered board as those 2 12 inch speakers are powered with 2 1000watts of power. I use only 1 speaker in many cases. Its awesome and all undet a 1000 bucks canadian so id say 800 American. You wont be sorry. Speakers are approximately 40 pounds each.

Thanks Wayne that’s really appreciated

My band uses a BOSE system. Expensive but you wont find anything better.

I purchased 2 harbinger 12 inch powered speakers and stands on a deal for $400 total including shipping, they are 2000w each and have a mixer built-in and you can chain the two together with a long xlr cable so you only need to adjust the volume etc on one speaker. I bought a used yamaha mixer for $100 since I needed some more inputs for a stomp box and then ended up buying one more of the harbinger speakers used for like $175 and use that as a monitor speaker. I think the speakers model is V2312. That what my duo uses. I’ve seen the bose single setup with a subwoofer and the speakers are on a tall column that radiates the sound out, those are cool but maybe $1200. I think the bose has wheels on it also. my speakers are heavy though, maybe 35 lbs each so a little bit of work hauling around and setting everything up.

I think to suggest a PA, the place/area it’s going to be used needs to be considered. Outside for a large or small crowd, inside large hall or small room would have different needs. A small coffeehouse type venue likely wouldn’t need a pair of 12" speakers. Also consider how much gear you want transport and/or carry. For the few times I play out at small gatherings, I use a QSC CP8 on a pole for vocals and the BB along with a Fishman Loudbox Mini for acoustic guitar. Music style may also make difference if the drums need to compete more with louder electric guitars versus acoustic which may be more laid back.

That’s really useful thanks so much

Thanks Ray I appreciate the feedback

I am a huge Bose fan too. A nice thing about the Bose is its coverage is pretty great (consistent) compared to directional speakers. Plus we set it up behind us so we get to use it as a monitor/PA system too with no feedback. We are a duo. They are expensive, but they sound quite good. With that said I like the QSC stuff but I tend to have to EQ it a bit more to get what I want out of it.

I should add we play jazzy / funky stuff so my application might not work if you are rock based or whatever…YMMV.

I like Bose, but I ended up going with the Electro-Voice EV-50 about 2 months ago. It was as little pricey, but man does it cook!

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Column, like the Bose, is best in my mind, though we prefer and use LD MAUI 28 G2s with a Soundcraft mixer (and recently added an LD mini mixer each for vox).

Depends what your application is it used for, in my opinion stay far away from the Bose systems, for the money very poor value. If your are looking for something smaller Yamaha has the Passport systems that work’s well, I prefer JBL Powered Speakers, and I use an Allen & Heath mixer. You are going to get many views here so do some research, that fits best for your budget and use.