Can someone tell me the difference between the mIdi tracks downloads and the regular beats.

I am gonna sound stupid but someone tell me the difference between the MIDI download tracks and the beats downloads? Also what is that the beats version don’t actually follow the song track as recorded?
I just want to hit the pedal and play along. Is that possible?

There are 2 types of song files. the ones on the pedal already loaded are the ones where you can do all the timing and decide when to transition from one section to another and when to add fills or not based on when/where/how you press the main or 2ndary pedal.

the ones you buy or the ones in the resources area that are marked as OBP (One Button Press) are the ones that should follow the actual artists/bands song format and you just press once and play along all the way thru and no need to do any footwork to add fills or tell the pedal when to transition.

those are easier to program. the ones on the pedal are harder to make so more work means less folks do those types.
The ones you pay for from Singular are one type

the MIDI files included in some of the Zip files made by others in the resources are are there in case you want to modify the sng file the person made and add/subtract stuff in/out of the song file and so you know where the master came from in case there is an error. you dont need to use it just load the sng or folder file into your beat buddy manager and syn it with your pedal

If you have the MIDI you can extract little sections and make your own drum parts to use on other unrelated songs. thats how many folks do it they take bits and pieces of drum parts from one song and combine it into another custom beat. not everyone wants to jam to a specific artists/bands song but instead just play/jam/practice over a cool beat. thats the original intent of the pedal but there are 2 end users. practicing folks, just fooling around and and actual performing artists whp use it instead of a real drummer for a real live show

kinglerxt pretty much got it, in short though, the midi is, essentially, the raw data.

The songs from Singular are OPB? I dont think so, or am I doing so ething wrong? Here is a screenshot of Born to Be Wild, from most popular songs.[ATTACH=full]9157[/ATTACH]

Nah. Singular Sound songs are all in multi-part format.

yup built in songs are YOU make the call when/where to transition/fill

…and bought songs are like this too was the point Persist was making (i.e. they’re not 1 press).