Can’t find all control change commands for Aeros and BB

Which CC do I program on the midi maestro to start playing the just recorded loop? (After I send CC 40 or CC 41)

Is there a midi CC that triggers only a fill on the Beatbuddy, without transition?

Here are BB midi CC commands

Aeros commands can be found on the Aeros Manual starting on page 30.

The Fill CC is

CC-112 [ value 1-127] - Triggers a drum fill

Thnx for the fill CC.
On the list of commands for the Aeros there isn’t a play command,
(after recording)
This way I still can’t use de Aeros handsfree.
Isn’t there a work around, or at least make it available in a future update…

Record New Track/Part, transition commands CC113 values 101-106, or CC102 would start the Aeros from stopped. CC102 is not meant for this, so if you are in 2x2 it will switch the part as well as start playback. In 6x6, another part would need to be selected for CC102 to change to that part.

The best option is to use the transition commands. We plan on adding more commands and may add play commands. Thanks for the feedback!