Can´t get a drumset to work

Í am not really a newbie, but trying to make a drumkit makes me get crazy and has no satisfying result:

Working with BB Manager on a MAC El Capitan. Make mono-samples in Audacity. 44,1, 16bit.
The easiest way would be, taking an exsisting working drumset and exchange the samples. Simple.
I did this: But some samples may work, others I couldn´t get to sound… absolutely no idea why - -
The samples DO work triggering them manually with the button, but they are not working with triggering them by beat… I have enclosed a percussion sound, that will not work…

Any idea? Thx

Try it now and advise if this is any different.

Can´t really tell … but I think yes, I can hear the sample now …
But I made a new EMPTY drum set for another Start… switched on “Play” and the “empty drum set” ist playing sounds back - but there are no samples at all connected to the instruments of the “empty” set… do not understand that — gonna be totally confused now.

If there is no Drumset selected, B.B. uses the system default Drumset. Usually, this is the last valid Drumset that you used.

I ran your sample through a program that strips metadata. Usually, if I have a sample that plays while building the kit, but doesn’t play from the pedal, that’s the issue.

Tag Stripper by Mark Verstraete worked for me (on Mac).

So, I am a step further. I installed the manager on a Windows 7 PC and - voila - everything workes… So, the must be a big fat BUG in the OSX-proggy…
However - for adjusting the drums in volume, it is not possible to do this in realtime. Always you have to store the whole drumset and have another listen… this is not fairly well overthought by the progammers.
An update from this 4 year old software would be great!!!