Can the Expression pedal be used for that on other hardware?

I note the EXP Pedal is set to control tempo, but if I connect the midi out to another hardware unit (say a keyboard) can it (the EXP Pedal setting) be changed so that EXP input from the jack, is transmitted out the MIDI out to a keyboard?

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This is not currently possible on the MM, but I do believe we plan on looking into expanding that, I can ask!

Thanks Brennan - that would be appreciated. I think it would be a very useful function to allow the pedal ins to be routed to the MIDI outs. Would be a small step in making MM even more universal!

Just to add, if you can get a definitive answer: for example, it is not physically possible (meaning the hardware is such that the connection can not be made) - that would mean I would need to sell my unit as I do need those pedal controls to be “routeable”


Brennan, unfortunately, that’s something SS seems to be always saying…“looking/considering/etcetc” but not actually DOING anything…or if something is done it takes so damn long, that folks just move on and look at other stuff. I have just bought a MIDI Expression iO from Audiofront that will sort the CC Pedal issue for me, hence I now have the MM up for sale (I mean echoing the CC jacks to the MIDI ports is really “controller basics 101” , but SS missed it)…I simply do not have time for SS to jiggle around. With the MM up for sale I might even sell the BB too and look at other options where there are a plethora of control solutions (non-bespoke) already available.

Feel free to do what you must, we are very nearly there Dev has promised this will be available on the Android app this month, and iOS very soon after.

We apologize if it looks like work is not being done, we have expanded our iOS development team and are well on the way to redesigning the whole app. We are just polishing the current app versions to be at a more useful place.

Once implemented pedal config will be custom mode specific and will allow setting cc command for incr and cc command for dec.

This is the best we can say, but we appreciate your patience and sticking it out this long.

Thanks for your feedback!

So Brennan does that mean that YES, pedal input can be routed to the MIDI outs? Your answer seemd to only mention setting CC commands, and not routing.

If by routing you mean the channel, yes this will be settable to any channel 1-16. The Pedal already sends through the MIDI ports, but currently the commands being sent cannot be changed. That will require a new version of the app, which is coming soon.

ahh ok,. gotcha - thanks m8

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