Can the Maestro pages be changed by midi?

If I use different “pages” for different songs, is my only option for switching between them the footswitch or dedicating a button to go to the next page?

Can I have another controller send a PC or CC command into the Maestro to change pages?

Note: I am aware that I can change pages with the Footswitch+, etc. I am trying to avoid using that as well for reasons of board real estate.

I am guessing from the tumbleweeds that the answer is “no” :frowning:

I believe the answer is no, but I don’t own one so I didn’t say anything. But, hey, this is better than tumbleweeds. :slight_smile:

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Hi, you cannot change Mid Maestro (MM) pages with midi commands, only with the footswitch extension. I use HX effects and have used the amp control to switch the Midi Maestro which works fine however I prefer to use the footswitch (Boss FS-7 is my footswitch at the moment).
The way I use MM is to have all my presets for songs in the HX effects (127 Songs) controlling amps and pedals using instants. I then use MM for realtime actions such as track changes and fills etc. This means I can keep the MM pages the same for all songs, so I don’t have to think which button to press.

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I didn’t even think of using the amp control from my Helix to change pages, that is a clever solution.

My use case is a solo thing where I build everything up on the Aeros and Beat Buddy controlled by the Maestro. The issue is that different songs need different kinds of changes (muting tracks, starting or recording new parts, etc).

I think maybe I need to rethink my page setup along your lines.

Instead of a page-per-song, something more like one of the other modes where buttons are always the same per song but some buttons redirect to other pages… should be possible and still eliminate most dancing.

Thanks so much for your reply!