Can we use midi footswitches ( other than midi maestro )

hi, i just bougt bb ( and aeros loop not arrived yet )
ı wanna control tempo ( +5 bpm - 5 bpm )
or maybe ı wanna immediately pass to metronom
ı have pacer midi foot controller do ı have to buy mıdı maestro ?
can ı use pacer midi foot controller with aeros +bb all together ?
can ı put command the way ı like ?

I use a Pacer. It works fine. But I don’t know how to control bpm from the Pacer.

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Hey there,

The Aeros and BeatBuddy are compatible with any working MIDI device with the right connections!

nektar pacer has ‘’ midi out ‘’ on its back and it is female socket
ı got midi break out cable ( it has mıdı out and ın ) all of them are female cable
how am ı supposed to connect ???
please help @BlueSkyIS

I don’t use BB, so someone else might be better to advise you on midi input.

Midi is always from out to in. So, your Pacer’s midi out should go to the BB’s midi in. Hope this helps.

Hey there,

You will need to use a regular MIDI five-pin male to male cable between the MIDI Breakout cable and the device.

The MIDI Breakout cable is not a replacement for the midi cable, it is an expansion of the MIDI PS/2 port, which is both an output and an input.