Can you activate looper with external Switch?

Hey guys wondering if you can hook up an external switch to trigger aeros looper like you can with blooper? I like having my pedals on desktop do would be nice if you can. If you can do this could you explain to me how? Thank you guys.

Only option is a midi controller such as SS Midi Maestro or other ones like those from MorningstarFX.

I have an mc8 but thats on my desktop as well. Dam was hoping it would have the ability to be able to plug in an external switch. Guess ill wait on getting one then. The external switch ability is a big one for me. Thanks.

I guess i could see if i can program it on morningstar controller to trigger loops that i program on the aeros ill contact morningstar and see. If so ill report back so if anyone is curious about the same thing they will have an answer. I use a boss fs-5u non latching switch that i cant live without now so going back to traditional stomps if going to be shitty for me.