Can you edit a pattern?

I am comfortable creating new songs using the Mac Manager software, but I really want to edit some of the patterns. Not the drum kit, but the instrument or sound used in a pattern. I’ve found some 1/2 time patterns, like in rock, but the pattern includes a open hi hat and I want a closed one. Can I edit that pattern?
Thank you for your reply.

Yes, the pattern is basically just a snippet of midi, which you can edit with (most) any midi editor. I have a mac, so I use Reaper, which does all kinds of stuff, and Aria Meastosa, which has a simpler easier interface, but not as many features. Once you have your snipped like you want, just go back into the BB Manager, and add it to your song in the appropriate place.

@RandyClay BBManager was originally not intended to edit any MIDI patterns it uses for the song parts, and there are plenty useful MIDI editors around. So as a really small team, Singular Sound wanted not to reinvent the wheel.

Now we see this option would be an extremely useful addition to the software, so original design may get changed in the future versions of the BBManager software.