Can you export an audio file from the BB Manager?

Just curious while waiting to receive my BB and learning how to use the BB Manager:

Is it possible to export .wav or .aiff files directly from the workspace manager?
(i.e., for importing into a DAW?)



I have no idea what DAW is. Aiff file format is not supported by BBManager, so you won’t be able to export anything from it as this format.

Wav files extraction (from drum sets) is currently tricky (but it will most likely get better in one of the next updates), but you can search the forum - there was a topic earlier today that has all the WAV files extracted.

thanks D.

DAW is short for any software sequencer (e.g., Cubase, Logic, Reason, etc.)

ill look thru the posts, as you suggest.

but my quwstion was not about exporting individual drum samples, but rather if yoy export an entire SONG from BB Manager as an audio file foe use in a sequencer.

anyone tried this?

i just read a thread about NOT being able to play a song all the way theough, so Im guessing its probably not possible?



What you call the “entire song” is not at all entire. Each BeatBuddy song is a collection of main parts, transitions and fills plus intro/outro if you wish. There is no certain way to make it linear, as you may traverse each part in a unique way each time you play - to better suit your musical needs.
Thus, there is no option to export BeatBuddy songs as audio files.

That’s cool D.

Not the end of the world, but thanks any who.

'm excited now as my BB pedal just arrived!

So now I can stop asking hypotheticals and get down to playing with it!