Can you just use BB for drums?

What genre of music do you prefer?

My apologies. I’m guessing you enjoy doing what you’re doing - working with midi and programming - or else you wouldn’t do it. I choose to spend my available time practicing my instrument. They are both valid approaches, and I don’t disparage your choice.

If there is a manual that explains what I’m asking regarding Beat Buddy, I could have missed it. Especially if it’s just a revision to a previous document (I read all the BB materials years ago). If you could point out where the info is - or even just let me know that it exists - it might help me to determine if I can somehow just use the drum portion of BB user-generated files. As a solo acoustic artist, I would probably use the cajon set and tweak as needed.

Actually though, another user generously explained that I should be able to do just that. I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems simple enough, if I can just get my synapses to fire.

Thank you. That’s very helpful. There are so many user-created songs out there that I would like to use; I just wasn’t sure if I could separate them out to just use the drum part. I’ll give this a try.

I learned most of what I needed for building drumkits from the Drum Maker Manual. I’ll get back to that document in a short bit.

As another user already advised you, you can use the DOP version of user created songs, when that version is provided, and use any “drums only” kit. Those songs are made with just the drum parts, so even the cajon kit would work.

When there is no DOP version, the process is more complicated, and, maybe, more than you want to undertake. Essentially, you would get the recommended kit for the song, and then edit the kit to delete all of the non drum parts. Then do a “save as” on that kit to give it a new name, and select that kit as the default kit for the song.

You’d also need to change the kit name within BB Manager. This tutorial explains that process:

Given this document and the Singular Drum Maker manual, you should be able to figure out the steps needed.

But, given the complexity of some of the user created songs, there could be instances when that does not produce a desired result. Rather than getting into the esoteric discussion of midi editing, there is a simpler process: Send a message to the user who made the song, and request that they make a drums only version. They may say yes, they may say no. Somebody else might jump in and offer a drums only version. We’re pretty helpful around here to folks that are reasonably polite and don’t have a preset negative attitude.

So, just to review:

  1. Try to find a DOP version, or a drums only version
  2. Turn off (set volume to 0) or delete unwanted instruments in the drum kit
  3. When1 or 2 do not work, request a DOP version.

Some songs that were made as a full arrangement may not work well with just a deletion of non-drum parts. This would be true, for example, when there was some sort of instrumental intro, and drums come in later. Consider the arrangement of Etta James’ “At Last.” Something like that might necessitate creating a simple click track for the intro. You might need some back and forth with the arranger to get to where you want, if the arranger feels like doing it. But, at the point you want to say, “that counts me out, bye,” I, for one, would be done with you.

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I use my BB Mini 2 for all my songs and i have over 650 of them. Mostly country new and old and irish country. I’m attaching a list of the songs with their beats if you wish feel free to see if anything there will suit your needs. Most all the songs on the list a listed with youtube if you need to listen to see if you like it. I had the original BB way back when it first hit the market and it doesn’t appear to have changed much since then. I sold it simply because it translated into work for me plus it frustrated the hell out of me trying to learn jargon i wasn’t familiar with and time was a factor for me So i needed something new. Beat buddy is a good product but not for everyone. Now i’m retired i went with the BB Mini 2 and i haven’t had a regret doing it. Good luck with your drummer. Most of these beats are available on the original BB but maybe a different name.
Wayne’s (35.1 KB)

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