Can you just use BB for drums?

It seems every time I find something in the user-generated content, it give me a message such as “Requires: Ambient Drums with Strings and Bass.” In addition, each song is labeled as DOP, OPB, and OPBk. EDITED to read: What’s up with that?

All I want is a beat that works with the song I’m playing. I don’t want a whole band. It’s overkill for what I do, and I don’t want to start a new career as a drum programmer.

As a result, I have had my BB for probably 5 years by now, and it mostly just sits there collecting dust.

Nobody’s twisting your arm to download anything other than what you’ve already purchased from Singular Sound. The one-press format songs (DOP, OPB and OPBk) are there for users that want them or request them in a one-press format. :rofl:

If you have any requests for the default (multi-part) beats, feef free to submit a request for Goran Rista to program the beat for you—if there’s enough demand, he might do so. You can also peruse Singular Sound’s premium content to see if there’s anything available to tickle
your fancy.

BTW, the moderator has slightly edited your post to comply with forum guidelines.

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Thanks. I may be older than a lot of the people on this forum, so tech-shaming isn’t really appropriate.

I do own ALL of the BB pre-prepared material. It works fine. I would have liked to use some of the user-generated beats as well, but I gather that cannot be done with the midi-enhanced files? I’m not familiar with midi, so that probably counts me out. Bye.

Yes, you can use those songs, but you’ve already expressed your opinion, and you’re already gone, so adios. It’s sad that people feel they can use their age as an excuse to not read a really simple manual. I’ve spent my last few weeks learning Ableton Live, digging into Kontakt and Maschine, studying heavily the finer points of Electronic and Classical Music Theory and writing and producing an album of EDM songs. But, I guess come July when I reach age 65 my synapses will shut down. But, somehow, I think I would still be ambitious enough to open up a BB drum kit and realize I could delete or turn off unwanted instruments, if that was really bothering me.

I really admire Persist. He keeps banging songs out with minimal thanks. But, for me, it’s people like you that have caused me to just about stop making new content.


I’m in a similar spot, and I spent countless hours learning midi, Logic Pro, Kontakt, etc., and the learning never stops. It is hard work. If you don’t want to work, you can only use the tools as presented. If you don’t want to work, and the available tools don’t do exactly what you want, you have to alter your goals or maybe consider another profession or hobby.

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As mentioned above, it’s really up to you how you want to use the Beat Buddy. Of course there are user generated songs which are just beats, and that’s it. Users have learnt how to use the BB beyond what was initially planned (bass and other instruments for example). It’s up to you how the BB works within what you want to do.

I am new to both BB and what is referred to as “one press format songs”. I have downloaded several packs, and single songs from the BB library, but have also noticed that some users, such as Persist, have created some really cool songs that I want.
I did download one Persist song but have not tried to import it into my BB yet because I am not confident that I won’t corrupt by SD file. Are there any tips you could offer on how to successfully add these songs?
Also, what is a one press song… does that mean that you do not have to manually engage the BB for fills and transition?
Are there other instruments accompanying the drums, such as bass?
Please understand that I have an average level of tech understanding and seem to be younger than most posters on this thread. Therefore neither are impediments for me, I’m just hoping for some clarification.

Hi Chicken Hunter. You may have already checked out the links in here but in case you haven’t, browse through the embedded contents in resources

You will not corrupt your project by importing one-press songs to an existing project. Here’s some thoughts:

  • don’t use special characters such as a period (.) in the name of a song or a folder as that WILL corrupt your project and will cause your project to be zeroed out;
  • my one-press format song songs usually take one tap on the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) or the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal to start and a double-tap to end. Some of my earlier one-press songs (and that of other users, notably Phil [not Phil_Flood]) require a double-tap to start playing. I’m gradually updating my songs so that they all start with a single tap; there are no fills and transitions in my one-press versions;
  • depending on the version, they may or not contain bass and other instruments;
  • to play the version of the one-press songs and to get the best sound from the version, you should also search the forum for the suggested drum set, download, unzip, use the BBM to import and then activate it;
  • you might want to create a new folder in the BBM to import user created content

In a One Press song, as Persist and I generally make them, one press of the pedal plays through the whole song. You’ll need to install BB Manager and look at a song in it to get the idea. The entire body of the song will be in the intro. Then, there are null or empty loops for the main section and the Outro. Once the song reaches the main, it will appear to be done, but is still looping the null section. Double tap to really end it.

Please look over the manual and getting started guide. Using BB Manager to add songs and drum sets is very easy and very safe. If you are going to be adding many songs, you should get a larger SD card. 32gb is the maximum size that the BB will accept.

And, very important, use only BB manager to add songs or drumkits. Do not try to simply add things into folders using the computer’s OS. BB Manager works as the OS for the BB, or really as it’s file manager.

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Thank you both for the quick response. I will follow your advice when adding one press songs. I’ll follow up with a future post after I’ve tried it out.
Also, just wanted to extend my appreciation for those, such as yourselves, who freely donate their time and energy into supporting other users.



Have you tried just changing the drumset to one you already own like Standard or Rock?

You’d need to use the BB Manager and change the custom drumset that was used/ created for the songs to one of your liking…

The extra notes for the “rest of the band” maybe ignored in some of the songs (depends how the user created the drumset) and you’d have a drums only song… just a thought…

If I recall correctly:

DOP - Drums One Press - drums only
OPB - One Press Bass - drums and bass
OPBk - One Press Bass Keys - drums bass keyboard

Can’t you just use the BB itself to change the drum set on the fly and see what sounds best without digging in to BBM? If you then find a drum set on the pedal you like to go with a particular song, you can tell the BB to use that drum set as the default for that song IIRC.

Yes, but he’d have to use BBM to add the song to the SD card. And, if he wants to hear what the author of the BB song made, he would need to add the recommended drumkits, also in BBM. So, one way or another, if a user wants to hear anything other than default content, they need to learn how to use BBM to add files to the SD card.

Agreed. Compared to new users, I guess I’m a relatively-seasoned vet, so I forgot the part about new users learning to use BBM to get the songs on the SD card and using the non-standard drums.

New users are at a disadvantage if they merely download user content, in that, they don’t understand how it is created. They can remedy that by putting in time to learn it. I’m 5 years into this and have a very good understanding of midi while using a very basic midi editor and a clunky beta version of BBM. I still love it and can do everything I need. If you want to learn it…really want it…it’s very achievable. Even for a 54 year old dude like me. Whether you think you can or think you can’t do something…you’re right. As for sharing resources…I’m with you on that Mr. Flood. Someday when I figure out the forum I’ll post some. Thousands of hours of work in the last 5 years is hard to just throw out for public consumption. I’m guessing Goran doesn’t do it pro bono.

To add to Persist and Phil’s recommendations… Get a second or third SD card. They are cheap enough! And backup your original SD card if you are worried of corrupting it. That’s basic on any media you rely on. BACKUP before doing something that you are uncertain about.

To backup just drag the original SD card on your desktop to the backup SD card. If you want to be extra safe, there is a little notch on most SD cards that allows you to lock it. So before you even put the SD card in your computer SD drive to backup the original card, lock it! (Just remember to unlock it when you put it back in your BB… :slight_smile: )

If you don’t have an SD drive on your computer. Get one. They are also very cheap and connect via USB. You don’t need a fast one, get a cheap one.

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Hey Persist,
Been meaning to email you one of these days. I’m still at it! We are starting to line some things up for 2021, worked two gigs throughout 2020.
I’m still computer illiterate as I’ve always been but I’m trying. I liked the way you responded to that guy. Talk about age, I will be 81 in June, still playing Rock and Roll and riding Harley’s! Computer not so good.
I do have the BB set up pretty well the way we like it. As you know, you’ve set me up with some songs using the bass guitar and full band type things. Some worked out, some didn’t. I’ve learned that just finding workable beats and learning how to use the start, stop, accents etc. Works quite well for a duo.
Anyhoooooooo, we’ll talk soon and keep up the great work. Tell Phil that he is also greatly appreciated.


Good to hear from you again, Mike and glad to hear you’re still rollin’.

Thanks Bud,
Will email you later on. Looks like you’re staying pretty busy on here. I want to discuss some of the songs you’re posting

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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