Helpful BeatBuddy (BB) and BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) links

This thread is a resource for new BeatBuddy (BB) and BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) users. It provides a compact source of helpful links to find information on how to use your BB system as well as how to search the forum. (Click on the hyperlinks in blue font). I will also use a link to this thread in songs that I upload to the forum.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This OPBk
Every Breath You Take - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Rock This Town DOP, OPB (REFRESHED added another OPB—ALT—version)
SD card erased when trying to Export Project from SDManager
Take On Me OPBk(strings)
Copperhead Road - DOP, OPB, OPBk, OPk
Tom Petty
Funk #49 - DOP, OPB (UPDATED)
Installing free beat buddy package from groove monkee
Rocket Man DOP, OPB, OPBk & OPBk(brass)
Bad Case of Loving You DOP, OPB, OPBguitar (UPDATED)
Bad Romance DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings)
For Whom The Bell Tolls DOP, OPB
Gimme Some Lovin' DOP, OPB, OPBk(horns)
It Ain't Me - OPBk(strings)
Crazy Train - DOP, OPB (UPDATED)
Our House DOP, OPB, OPBk
Jungle DOP, OPB
Help pleaseeeee!
Summertime Blues - OPB
(I Want To) Break Free DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)
Hold My Hand DOP, OPB, OPBk
Buddy Holly medley OPBk & OPBk(strings)
Takin' Care of Business - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Chicken Fried - DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)
Small Town - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Nashville Cats - DOP, OPB, OPBk
How Long - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Bohemian Like You DOP, OPB & OPBk
Money (What I Want) DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)
Guantanamera - DOP, OPB, OPBk
La Isla Bonita DOP, OPB, OPBk(marimba & strings)
Willie & the Hand Jive - DOP, OPB
The Boys are Back in Town - DOP, OPB
Hold the Line - DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)
Lay Lady Lay - DOP & OPk
China Grove - DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)
Lions - DOP, OPB
Armageddon It DOP, OPB
Purple Rain - DOP, OPB & OPBk(strings)
Sweet Caroline DOP, OPB, OPBk(horns) and OPk(horns) (UPDATED)
Cecilia - DOP, OPB, OPBk (two versions)
It Must Be Love - DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)
Kashmir - DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings)
Blue Sky - DOP, OPB
Some songs to look for in coming days/weeks/months, etc
New User - How Do I get User Generated Songs into BB Manager?
taking midi files from logic X
Whipping Post - DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)
Waitin' on the Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago - DOP, OPB
Every Little Thing OPBk
Man in the Box - DOP, OPB
Pour Some Sugar On Me DOP, OPB
Ive screwed up
I'm a Newbie and would need some help please!
Songs not playing in pedal
Solsbury Hill - OPk(flute)
The Voice - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Reelin' in the Years - DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATE)
Speed of the Sound of Loneliness - DOP, OPB, OPBstrings
River Of Deceit - DOP, OPB
Na Na Na - DOP, OPB
You're a God - DOP, OPB
Missing You - DOP, OPB, OPBk
BB screen “NO SONG” I downloaded “Vol 1 - The Most Popular Songs”
Individual songs: premium or free?
I Fought the Law - DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)
Friends In Low Places DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings)
Just What I Needed DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)
It's Over - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Gimme Some Lovin' DOP, OPB, OPBk(horns) UPDATED
We're an American Band - DOP, OPB, OPBk
You Can't Hurry Love DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings) (UPDATED)
We're an American Band - DOP, OPB, OPBk
What's the Frequency Kenneth - DOP, OPB
Slabo Day - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Lean On Me - DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings) (UPDATED)
Look What You've Done - OPBk(strings)
The Ocean - OPB
Kashmir - DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings)
Slide - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Hey Tonight - DOP, OPB, OPBk
The Chicken DOP, OPB, OPBh & OPh
Hey Ya - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Heavy Cross - DOP, OPB, OPBk
What is and What Should Never Be - DOP, OPB
Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo - DOP, OPB
D'yer Ma'ker - DOP, OPB, OPBk
What is and What Should Never Be - DOP, OPB
Why are playlists unaccessible all of a sudden?
#41 DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings)
God Bless the USA DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings)
Shake it Off DOP, OPB, OPBk(brass)
Definitive guide
A Natural Woman - DOP, OPB, OPBk(horns)
I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Long Train Runnin' DOP, OPB & OPB(k) (UPDATED—AGAIN)
Don't Stand so Close to Me - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Devil in Her Heart DOP, OPB (UPDATED)
I Melt With You - DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)
This Diamond Ring - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Misirlou - DOP, OPB, OPBk(horns) (UPDATED)
Small Town Southern Man - DOP, OPB, OPBk
New York Minute - OPBk(strings)
Mona (I Need You Baby) - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Almost Cut My Hair - DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings)
Say You Won't Let Go - DOP, OPB, OPk(strings)
Imaginary Lovers - DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings) (UPDATED)
Good Times - DOP, OPB, OPBk(horns)
Walk All Over You - DOP, OPB
Man! I Feel Like a Woman! - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Info on beat buddy
Listen To The Music - DOP, OPB (UPDATED)
It Must Be Love - OPBk(strings)
Physical - OPB, OPBk
Tennessee Flat Top Box - DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings)
OPBK.sng not playing
Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of) - DOP, OPB, OPBk(horns)
Iko Iko - DOP, OPB, OPBk(marimba)
The Devil in I - DOP, OPB (UPDATED)
24K Magic - DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)
Heartbeat Song - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Gloria - DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings)
Be My Lover - DOP, OPB
Green Grass and High Tides DOP, OPB (UPDATED)
There Goes Another Love Song - DOP, OPB
Kokomo - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Señorita - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Dancing With Myself - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Dance Monkey - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Every Rose Has Its Thorn - DOP, OPB, OPB(strings)
Vintage Wine - DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)
Something - DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)
Make it Rain - DOP, OPB
The Tide Is High - DOP, OPB, OPB(strings & marimba)
Freedom 90 - DOP, OPB, OPBk
South City Midnight Lady - DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings)
10 Cold Chisel songs each in DOP, OPB & OPBk versions
The Only Exception - DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings)
If I Die Young - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Road Runner - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Sharp Dressed Man - DOP, OPB & OPBk (UPDATED)
Jane - OPBk
Time marches on
You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Round and Round - DOP & OPB
Thinking Out Loud - DOP & OPB
Time Marches On - DOP, OPB & OPBk(strings)
Can't Get Enough - DOP & OPB
Pretty Thing - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Kentucky Rain - DOP, OPB & OPBk
The Locomotion - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Time For Me To Fly - DOP, OPB & OPBk
That Lady - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Hurricane - DOP & OP(guitar)
To Be With You - DOP, OPB & OPBk
True Fine Love - DOP, OPB & OPB(guitar)
Pay someone to make me a setlist
Longneck Bottle - DOP, OPB & OPBk(strings)
Mary Jane's Last Dance - DOP & OPB
Dancing in the Moonlight - DOP, OPB, OPBk & OPk
Big Hunk O' Love - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Blinding Lights - OPBk
Baby It's You - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Hillbilly Shoes - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Kiss an Angel Good Morning - DOP, OPB & OPBk(strings)
Sad Songs (Say So Much) - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Taxman - DOP & OPB (UPDATED)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - DOP, OPB & OPBk (UPDATED)
Father and Son - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Looking for 1 on 1 assistance via zoom
Who Can It Be Now - DOP, OPB, OPB(horns) & OPBk(horns)
All These Things That I've Done - OPBk (UPDATED)
Broadway - DOP & OPB
Circles - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Some Kind of Wonderful - DOP, OPB & OPBk (UPDATED)
Springsteen - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Locked Out of Heaven - DOP, OPB & OPBk(marimba)
Allentown - DOP, OPB & OPBk
So the Beat Buddy SD Loaded card?
New Rules - OPBk
I'm Your Captain - DOP, OPB & OPBk(strings) (UPDATED)
Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye - DOP, OPB & OPB(FIDDLE)
Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
Hydrogen Drum sequencer midi files
You Wanted More - DOP & OPB
River Deep, Mountain High - DOP, OPB & OPB(horns & strings) (UPDATED)
Legs - DOP & OPB
No Songs on my new beatbuddy
Viva la Vida - DOP, OPB & OPBk (strings)
Steady As She Goes - DOP & OPB
You're No Good - DOP, OPB & OPBk(strings) (UPDATED)
Runaway Boys - DOP, OPB & OPBk(guitar)
Looking for SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31 for Ed Sheehan
Tighten Up - DOP & OPB
Stand By Me -DOP, OPB & OPB(strings)
Yakety Yak - DOP, OPB & OPBk-horns
Dance to the Music - DOP, OPB & OPBk-horns (UPDATED)
Never My Love - DOP, OPB & OPBk-strings
Hybrid Moments - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Mod Standard Pro Bass drum set
The Bones - DOP, OPB & OPBk-strings
Wherever I May Roam DOP, OPB
Some structure please
No More Mr. Nice Guy DOP, OPB (UPDATED)
Devil Woman DOP, OPB, OPBk
Bought Used BB didn't come with memory card
Along Comes Mary - DOP, OPB & OPBk
Can't You See That She's Mine - DOP, OPB, OPBk
One Fine Morning - DOP, OPB & OPBk-horns
More Today Than Yesterday - DOP, OPB, OPBk(horns)
You've Made Me So Very Happy - DOP, OPB & OPBk-horns
Can't import V2 drumsets
Words (Between the Lines of Age) - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Always Something There to Remind Me - DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings)
Best beat creator software for Windows 10
New Old User questions
Self Esteem - DOP, OPB (UPDATED)
Don't Start Now - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Gimme Some Lovin' DOP, OPB, OPBk(horns) UPDATED
Magic DOP, OPB, OPBk(horns)
Metal On Metal - DOP, OPB
(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman - DOP, OPB, OPBk(strings)
Long Train Runnin' DOP, OPB & OPB(k) (UPDATED—AGAIN)
Do You Believe in Magic - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap DOP, OPB (UPDATED)
Who Do You Love / I Want Candy beat?
All Right Now - DOP, OPB & OPB-guitar
Fast Love - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Simple set up for a song beat
Silver Wings - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Simple set up for a song beat
We Got the Beat - DOP, OPB
Keep Me in Mind - DOP, OPB, OPBk
Uprising - DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)

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