Some songs to look for in coming days/weeks/months, etc

An updated list of songs I intend to post as of 09-02-2020.

I will post at the rate of ~3 songs per week (usually Tuesday thru Thursday and posting from the top of the list); if a user has made a request and I’m filling it, it will most likely not appear on this list. I’ll vary the order from the list slightly so that I upload a newly transcribed song or two along with an update of an older post.


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How do I download these please

The songs on the list have not been posted yet.

Use the forum search function. Here’s the result for songs I’ve posted.

To download a file , you click on the song that appears as text in blue font.

Ok… I’ll bite! What’s this list for? Should we be able to download these? I don’t get it.

Think of it as a list of coming attractions. Eventually all the songs on that list will be posted to the forum.