MIDI Maps 2018-02-25 - Various

This is a compilation of sorts of the different MIDI maps and reference sources that users have shared here on the forum and that are probably no longer accessible to download. As I don’t recall who posted these, I am unable to accredit those who have been so generous in sharing their reference tools. :confused:

The files are either text or pdf:

  • GM map
  • keyboard-midi-0-127
  • BB Drum Mapping-JM
  • BB Standar, Ethereal, Rock,
  • General MIDI Drum Kit Map--M
  • Kits

Download Here


@persist Is there a published document listing the midi mappings for the shipping kits? I would have expected to find that here: https://singularsound-publicly-downloadable.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/manuals/BeatBuddy-MIDISettings-Firmware-v1.77.pdf (which is the most recent information posted on the product page).

I am not aware of any official SS document mapping the MIDI for the BeatBuddy default drum sets. As I used a digital audio workstation (DAW) more and more, I began to remember how the drums instruments were mapped (i.e., what’s present in which positions or what drum instruments were missing). It’s easier for me now to just use one or two kits for the sake of limited neural capacity and energy. :laughing:

The file I posted above was what I collected over time from the forum. There were probably many other (complete) MIDI maps but I think they disappeared after the great SS forum server crash of '17 :unamused:

This seems like it would be something especially useful to end users and not a heavy lift to generate. To reiterate, the proper place for this is on the product page as opposed to searchable in the forums.

Perhaps something Singular Sound could tackle; maybe include their premium kits’ mapping as well.


this is super helpful, Thanks ! Been having issues moving my logic made MIDI drums into BB ( sounds not being triggered once in BB). I think this might be the fix

Is there an easier way to “change” all the MIDI data made in logic using addictive drums so that it works in BB ? Other than manually editing and moving the MIDI data in Logic so it makes the right sounds in BB ? Any help would be appreciated. I have many originals Id like to add into my BB

or a simpler request maybe. If I was to just “re record” the drums in LOGIC again, was settings should I change in Logic so that the MIDI tracks will “translate” perfect into BB’s format ? thanks

Thanks ‘Persist’ for uploading these maps. 2 of the included files are “.textClipping” format (and one of those is 0 kb file size), and I can’t seem to find what kind of software to open that.

Singular Sound truly should publish a map for each of the drumsets that they sell. I’ve bought a few drumsets from them, but will not buy another unless it comes with a corresponding MIDI map.

I’ve put a spreadsheet together with quite a number of drum sets - just have a look if this is of any help! Needed to put it into a ZIP file for uploading.