Midi beat created in Reaper only plays snare in Beatbuddy

So, I have created a quick drum pattern (hats, snare, kick) in Reaper and exported this as a MIDI file:

When loading this MIDI file into Beatbuddy manager and I check/audition it, only the snare is sounding. So - is this an issue with the way I have exported my MIDI beat from Reaper? Sorry - I’m new to this. Presumably the MIDI value of the kick/hats is not being “seen” by the Beatbuddy?

I’ve had a look through other Reaper posts - but not quite got this.

All I am looking to do is create some MIDI beats of my own (manually - not by recording anything), and then import them into Beatbuddy. If Reaper is less Beatbuddy-friendly thatn others, then I’m happy to pay for software if people would like to offer suggestions. What’s easiest for MIDI programming → Beatbuddy? Thanks

Map your bass drum to C1 (36), snare to D (38) and open high hat to A#1 (46).

There are MIDI maps posted to this forum that might also help you get the hang of it: MIDI Maps 2018-02-25 - Various

  1. Something to help you with Reaper is loading a MIDI drum map when you edit MIDI in Reaper. This is how the drum map appears:
  2. Here’s a file with the drum map: (unzip it and follow the instructions on how to install and then load it.
    GM_Drums_Map.txt.zip (1.1 KB)
  3. Here’s how to load it: Reaper Note Names - How to load a Drum Map
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Thanks man - really helpful. Now I have the issue that no cowbell sound is available on the correct cowbell MIDI channel (no sound is produced at all). I assume that is because the MTPOWER Drum Kit2 is limited to standard instruments as shown in the picture? When I save a MIDI track of just cowbell (note 56), nothing comes through on the Beatbuddy manager software. I was kind of hoping that note 56 would be picked up by the beatbuddy, even in the absence of having it in on the MTPOWER kit. Presumably I need to buy a proper kit plugin which will have these percussion options?

If that’s the case - can anyone recommend me a plugin which covers standard kit + percussion? Perhaps something which might also have hip-hop sounds (vinyl scratching etc)