Importing Drum Loops from EZDrummer to BB

I just got my BB and I’m digging it so far. Thanks for the great product!

My question is, I have a bunch of custom drum tracks that I made with EZDrummer and Protools, which I have been using for some time, and I would like to use in BB.

I have gone through the tutorials and docs and understand how to make a new song in BB Manager.
However, when I import these MIDI files, some of the drum sounds are missing. I understand it won’t be the same exact drum sounds (unless I go through the process of building a custom kit) But many of the basic sounds (much of the percussion) is missing.

I suppose I need to map these notes to sounds that are available in BB.
Does anyone know of a way to easily do this? Or has anyone built a kit using a standard EZ drummer kit mapping as the base. Or am I going about this all wrong?


Hey Lozeone,
I use Reaper and EZ Drummer 2, but the process should be similar. First create a track and add EZDrummer 2. Then you need to get a map of what drums are available, you can get that here: This will show what drums are available in your midi score editor.

(As you say, you could create your own kit - but that seems like a lot of hassle and you’re limited to 100MB, so probably best just to stick with the existing kits for now)

I then drag the midi part from EZDrummer into Reaper and open it with the the MIDI editor (which has the drum names from the link above). I then move all the drums that are not on named notes to a named version. For example, EZDrummer has a heap of hi-hat sounds outside of the General MIDI note range, I just select the row (right click) and move them to the Beat Buddy Hi-Hat (ctrl + up/down).

I can’t drag a midi loop from Reaper into the Beat Buddy Manager, so I need to get the loop back into EZDrummer 2 (as you can drag loops from EZDrummer). So, press the record arm in EZDrummer and then press play in Reaper. This ‘Records’ the beat back into EZDrummer. Then I simply drag it to the Beat Buddy Manager.


I’ve just read the release notes for the last firmware and one of the bullet points was ‘Support of External MIDI notes’. So that makes things even better. Just hook up a MIDI cable to the pedal and you can live preview the drum parts as you edit them in your DAW.

I just did a video on exactly this topic covering how to use any MIDI drum files on your BeatBuddy. I cover GetGodd Drums and Toontrack EZdrummer grooves as examples and show how to use the BeatBuddy Manager in general to edit your songs! I hope anyone enjoys this!



It is very nice of you to share your “how to” video.

However, please do not post the same content in 3 different threads.

I have removed your other posts. Thank you for your understanding.

Hello from Italy: I also use reaper and ezdrummer so I would like to ask you where I could find the map of the sounds of the bbuddy, since that links is expired. thanks!!

This might help MIDI Maps 2018-02-25 - Various